How We Are Different

Our Young Pre classroom is for ages. This age group is working on developing their fine and gross motor skills, that are gaining independence and developing their social skills through play.

The school started functioning in September 2000 with the basic support of teaching staff from Chennai and Kerala. Within a period of 3 years the first phase of construction work has been completed. It comprises of good quality class rooms’ state of the art laboratories a central library and staff quarters.

Away from the glare of polluted, noisy, crowded urban centers the school is located in a small village. The natural beauty of the area makes learning a pleasure from students. The pollution free campus creates an ambiance conducive to learning. The school administration has decided to make the campus free from all type of addictions. Thus smoking, betel chewing, tobacco chewing or the use of any type of drugs or alcohol is strictly prohibited with in the campus.

Badharia is a small sleepy village situated in the lush green environment of banks of the river Kunwar in the eastern UP district Azamgarh, India. Flanked by Sarai Meer and Phariha, one famous for its Madrasatul Islah and the other for the great commentator on the Holy Quran, Maulana Hameediddin Farahi. Badharia is in no way behind its neighbors.

Maulana Iqbal Ahmed Khan ‘Suhail’, a great poet, a politician and a famous lawyer, hailed from there and now it has the honor of being the birth place of Maulana Wahiduddun Khan, a great scholar of the present time, who has been awarded the prestigious ‘Demiurgus Peace International Award 2002’ by the Nuclear Disarmament Forum AG, Switzerland.

In September 2000 the village witnessed a new phenomenon in the area. The establishment of an English medium school, The Ziauddin Khan Memorial Senior Secondary School, Affiliated to CBSE – New Delhi.

The School is run by the Ziauddin Khan Memorial Educational and Welfare Trust, which is named after Ziauddin Khan, the great grandfather of Maulana Iqbal Ahmed Khan ‘Suhail’ and Maulana Wahiduddin Khan. Many of the descendants of Ziauddin Khan generously donated there ancestral lands for this noble cause.

Shakil Ahmed Khan the eldest son of Maulan’s elder brother, late Abdul Aziz Khan, was a successful businessman in the Gulf. For help with this project, he approached Yaminul Islam Khan, retired chief engineer, irrigation department UP, one of the sons of late Maulana Iqbal Ahmed Khan ‘Suhail’, who owned almost half of the properties and land in Badharia. His response was a spontaneous ”Yes”.

Dr. Ahmed Shafi Ansari Grandson of Maulana Iqbal Ahmed Khan, a professor at Shibli National Degree College in Azamgarh, was requested to take up the immediate responsibility of managing the school in his spare time. To this Dr. Ansari readily agreed. The school started functioning in September 2000 in one wing of the ancestrial home of Yaminul Islam Khan, with the basic support of teaching staff from Chennai.

The construction work for the school building began in January 2001. Within a period of thre years the first phase of construction work has been completed. It comprises good quality classrooms, state-of-art laboratories, a central library and staff quarters. It is designed to accommodate 2000 students in various classes.