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School provides superb indoor recreation.

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Welcome to Ziauddin Khan Memorial School, Badharia, in Azamgarh! We provide world-class education with a focus on academic excellence and a nurturing environment. Backed by the esteemed Ziauddin Memorial Group’s 40 years of experience, our school ensures holistic education, fostering excellence in academics, sports, culture, and the arts. Join us for a rich and healthy educational journey.

The Badharia Project

When exploring ZKM School, inquire about the available academic programs.

Welcome to Ziauddin Khan Memorial Senior Secondary (ZKM) School, founded in 2000 with a vision for accessible education.

ZKM School, widely respected in academia, passionately molds confident, independent individuals. With over 1000 graduates in 20 years, our success is a testament to the unwavering dedication of our community. Embrace ethically-driven education, where great effort paves the way to unparalleled success. May ZKM continue to flourish, tirelessly nurturing regional dreams. Amin!


ZKM: Elevating Your Child's Educational Journey

Kindergarten through Junior College

Why ZKM Excels in Your Child's Education.

We believe in shaping the nation’s future through holistic education at ZKM, fostering physical, mental, spiritual, aesthetic, and ethical growth. Our students discover their infinite worth on their academic journey.


A wide range of books, journals, magazines, and encyclopedias.


School boasts fleet of 13 buses.


School provides excellent, high-quality sports amenities.


Serving 50+ villages & surrounding areas.

Comp Lab

School boasts labs with 40 computers.

Sci Labs

School features 4 well-equipped science labs.

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