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True leadership isn't about superiority; it's about unlocking potential.

I'm honored to be the new Principal of ZKM School Badharia, Azamgarh.

Joining an organization poised to make a real difference, I emphasize shared leadership as an 'orchestral leader, fostering teamwork and individual brilliance.

ZKM School offers a peaceful learning environment, away from city congestion. Factors like visionary pioneers, dedicated mentors, and an exceptional faculty position ZKM Badharia at the forefront of education globally.

The Ziauddin Khan Memorial Trust's commitment to universal education has global impact. At ZKM Badharia, our goal is to create an intellectually stimulating environment, producing global citizens through collaboration.

Our faculty understands each child's uniqueness, building authentic relationships. I encourage brilliance, risk-taking, and modeling expectations while fostering healthy competition. New projects aim to provide students unprecedented resources, entering a new era of 360-degree growth.

On behalf of the School Management, I welcome stakeholders to the new academic session. Your valuable inputs are encouraged for the greater good. Let's focus on empowering children to reach their highest potential. I look forward to celebrating our collective success through partnerships.

Best Wishes!
Frahim Khan


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