A learning center focused on balanced education and empowering young minds, blessed with the beauty of nature and chirping of birds.

  • Inception, 2000

    ZKM is home to Badharia, a small sleepy village situated on the Kunwar riverbank and flanked by Sarai Meer and Phariha, Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh, India.

  • Foundation, 2001

    The school was upgraded from an old ancestral home wing to a prestigious-looking school campus and an imposing building designed for accommodating 2000 students across domains.

  • Establishment & Affiliation

    The ZKM Senior Secondary School was established as an English medium CBSE-affiliated school (provisional affiliation #2130664 since 2004; affiliation extension until 31-03-2026).

The history behind the conception of ZKM

Badharia is home to Maulana Iqbal Ahmed Khan ‘Suhail’—a great poet, a politician, and a famous lawyer—and Maulana Wahiduddun Khan, a present great scholar, who has been awarded the prestigious ‘Demiurgus Peace International Award 2002’ by the Nuclear Disarmament Forum AG, Switzerland.

The ZKM school is run by The Ziauddin Khan Memorial Educational and Welfare Trust and the regulation. 

The school has been named after Janab Ziauddin Khan, the great grandfather of Maulana Iqbal Ahmed Khan ‘Suhail’ and Maulana Wahiduddin Khan. Many of the descendants of Ziauddin Khan have generously donated their ancestral lands for this noble cause.

Shakil Ahmed Khan the eldest son of Maulan’s elder brother, late Abdul Aziz Khan, was a successful businessman in the Gulf. To help with this school project, he approached Yaminul Islam Khan, a retired chief engineer from the Irrigation Department UP, also one of the sons of late Maulana Iqbal Ahmed Khan ‘Suhail’, who owned almost half of the properties and the land in Badharia. His response was a spontaneous “Yes”.

Dr. Ahmed Safi Ansari, grandson of Maulana Iqbal Ahmed Khan, and a former professor at Shibli National Degree College in Azamgarh, was requested to take up the immediate responsibility of managing the school in his spare time. To which, Dr. Ansari readily agreed.

The dream project of many, ZKM has been maintained away from the glare of polluted, noisy, crowded urban centers in a small and respected village. The natural beauty of the area makes learning a pleasure for students. The pollution-free campus creates an ambiance that is conducive to learning and growing. The school administration has put in multitudes of efforts to maintain the school campus free from all types of addictions. Smoking, betel chewing, tobacco chewing, or the use of any type of drugs or alcohol is strictly prohibited on the campus and strictly discouraged outside the campus. The staff embodies the values and integrity upheld by the ancestral values and subsequently passed down to us. The school is the center of active learning and empowering students with vision, passion, and skills that can help them bring great changes in the society.