About Us

Nurturing Minds in Nature: ZKM's Educational Journey Unveiled

Founded by Maulana Iqbal Ahmed Khan ‘Suhail’ and Maulana Wahiduddun Khan, is managed by The Ziauddin Khan Memorial Educational and Welfare Trust. Named after Janab Ziauddin Khan, the school emphasizes a pollution-free campus and active learning in a serene village.

ZKM’s educational foundation is firmly rooted in the trunk of education, branching into core values—integrity, honesty, knowledge passion, and cultural appreciation. The faculty, comprised of academic scholars, subject experts, and experienced professionals, forms its nurturing roots.

Students, likened to flowers, bear life’s fruits through their performance. ZKM is dedicated to instilling a thirst for learning and commitment to brilliance, ensuring a 1:25 student-to-teacher ratio for personalized attention and interactive sessions. The institution aspires for students to shine and make a lasting impact wherever they go, fostering a holistic educational environment.

Achieving a 100% passing percentage since inception in 2020–23, the institution celebrates the success of its students.

ZKM has consistently maintained a remarkable 100% passing rate since its inception, a testament to the collective efforts and enthusiasm of students. Their sheer brilliance and unwavering passion for excellence continually surprise, making them an enduring source of pride. Heartfelt congratulations to all meritorious students for their outstanding and commendable performance, reflecting the school’s commitment to academic excellence.









ZKM School: Nurturing Brilliance, Fostering Integrity. Where every student shines with knowledge, passion, and cultural appreciation. A legacy of excellence, a commitment to learning, and a journey towards a brighter, empowered future.

ZKM School: Inspiring brilliance, cultivating integrity, and fostering a passion for learning. Our mission is to empower students with holistic education, values, and creativity, preparing them to contribute positively to society and embrace a transformative educational journey.

ZKM envisions a future where every student is a beacon of brilliance, integrity, and cultural appreciation. We aspire to create a dynamic learning community that fosters creativity, embraces diversity, and instills a lifelong love for knowledge, shaping individuals who positively impact the world with their wisdom and character.

ZKM: Illuminating Minds, Nurturing Values, Empowering Futures.